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Professor Sewell

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This neologism is used in the sentence:

In France, he would not be out of place. In America, everyone has to qualify him, with his cultured interests, as a metrosexual.

The author defines it thus:

a heterosexual male with a keen attention to fashion, hygiene, the arts, and his emotions.

Has anyone come across this term? Is there an expression that is roughly equivalent (to the expression or its definition) in French?


  • doinel

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    Métrosexuel est utilisé en France, et est l'objet de beaucoup d'articles dans les journaux et les magazines de mode.
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    And even has a page in Wikipédia.
    ‘Métrosexuel est un néologisme inventé en 1994 par Mark Simpson, journaliste britannique à The Independent, s'appliquant à des hommes urbains avec un fort souci de leur apparence.’
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