Mettre au masculin/féminin

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  1. PhR117 New Member

    france, french
    I translate a software where the gender has to be specified, in order to set a few words like il / elle, aso.. It says
    "Choisir masculin pour que les déclinaisons des mots soient mises au masculin
    Choisir féminin pour que les déclinaisons des mots soient mises au féminin"
    I translate
    "Select masculine to set masculine word declension
    Select feminine to set feminine word declension"
    It doesn't sound right to me. Anyone ?
  2. diplomate Member

    Unfortunately this translation doesn't sound English - but it's a good attempt!
    You could say simply, "Select 'male' or 'female'."
    (We don't usually use the words 'masculine' or 'feminine' in this context.)
    Do you need to explain why the user has to select 'male' or 'female'? If you do need to explain then you could add something like,
    "So that other fields can be populated with the correct gender."

    Does anybody else have other suggestions?
  3. wildan1

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    If the software is going to make pronouns and adjectives in the text match with the correct gender of a referred term, (not just physical persons, but common nouns that must either be one or the other), I think gender is the better word, and would indeed say "Select masculine or feminine". Male or female only work if the subject is limited to living beings (people or other animals).
  4. Suehil

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    British English
    Maybe 'to ensure pronoun agreement'. (Nothing else declines in English)

    And I agree 'male' or 'female' is always used if you are referring to people.

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