mettre en cause/accusation

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Est-ce qu'il y a une différence entre mettre en cause et mettre en accusation. Est-ce qu'on utilise tous les deux plutot dans un cadre juridique ou peut-on les utiliser dans une maniere informelle.

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    I'd be interested to learn the legal distinction. I'm certain there is one. (There was recently a reform of the judicial process regarding charging people with crimes, and I think some of this terminology is quite recent).

    In normal, casual speech, mis en cause is used all the time - his company failed, but he wasn't mis en cause - he wasn't considered at fault. I think "mis en accusation" would be a formal thing, though.


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    mettre en cause, in a legal sense = to implicate someone. mettre en accusation, in a legal sense = to indict someone. mettre en accusation can mean to censure someone.
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