mettre la grue en girouette.


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Après l'utilisation d'une grue, il faut :
  • remonter le crochet absolument vide ;
  • mettre le chariot en pied de flèche ;
  • mettre la grue en girouette.
How do we say in English "mettre la grue en girouette"?

thanks in advance.
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    It's a technical expression; lectrice's is spot on.

    See also the following, from this site
    Q: How well do these cranes perform in the wind?

    A: When erected but not in opertation/use, you will set the crane in what is known as "weathervane" mode so it can freely rotate with the prevailing winds. In weathervane mode, our cranes have had no problem withstanding the severe winds of the stormy season in the Midwest. Our cranes are rated for actual in-operation use in winds up to thirty (30) miles-per-hour.
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