mettre le doigt dessus

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  1. alchemistgold

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    A Francophone told me the expression mettre le doigt dessus is usually used about something concrete/physical. Can it still be used about non-physical things, such as a person's character?
    I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way.
    Meilleure facon de traduire cette phrase, par exemple? (Je m'interesse aussi si on dirait 'prendre au rebrousse poil' ici pour 'rub the wrong way' ou s'il y a une autre expression plus courante)
  2. Hildy1 Senior Member

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    There are lots of examples of a metaphorical use of "mettre le doigt dessus" on the Linguee site. Sometimes it is translated as "put your finger on it", sometimes as "get to the bottom of it", "understand it", etc.
  3. alchemistgold

    alchemistgold Senior Member

    et en ce qui concerne "rub the wrong way"-- "prendre qqn a rebrousse poil" est l'expression la plus courante? (Je sais que ca fait une question pour un autre fil...)
  4. zita beretta Senior Member

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    Yes it is.
    On peut dire aussi "rebrousser le poil à quelqu'un"
  5. petit1 Senior Member

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    Hit the nail on the head.

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