Meu amor--used for one's mother?


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I know that "meu amor" means "my love" in Portuguese and that many Brazilians would refer to a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, etc. that way.

But is "meu amor" only used to address lovers in Brazil? Or would a man address a mother, sister or friend as "meu amor"? For example, would a man address his mother as "meu amor" in a text message?

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    I believe that meu amor has the same meaning and usage of my love. For instance, one can write a poem, an ode etc dedicating to his/her mother, using meu amor. In everyday life we use it as well

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    As Ana has already said about the usage of love, we'd go farther (besides de usual ''meu amor'') about our moms, like ''mãe, você é o amor da minha vida''.
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