mezquina y consabida de sudor sin delirio

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  1. Button Member

    Que significa
    "una fiebre mezquina y consabida de sudor sin delirio" de Carmen Martin Gaite, Fragmentos de interior?!?

  2. sanxuan Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    'mezquina' can be understood as brief or unfortunate.
    'consabida' is expected, usual.
    An expected and unfortunate fever of sweat without delirium.

    If the phrase talks about a sentimental relationship, you can change the medical term delirium and write passion or something similar.
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  3. Maevey Senior Member

    Ireland, English.

    Does anyone know how to translate this "una fiebre mezquina y consabida de sudor sin delirio" Is it correct to say " a miserable and habitual fever of sweat without delirium."?

  4. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "A miserable non-stop, sweat-causing fever without delirium."

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