mga sasak­yang pandagat na sinak­yan

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    Mga sasakyang pandagat is a generic term for all kinds of watercraft, particularly seagoing vessels. In the context of that article, it should be taken to mean ships and boats. That segment of the text translates to "....they will then investigate the ships and boats used by PCG personnel".
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    Sasakyan means vehicle and dagat means sea. Pandagat means "for the sea".
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    "Mga sasakyang pandagat na 'sinakyan' ..." seems redundant for me. I would use another verb like "ginamit":

    "Mga sasakyang pandagat na 'ginamit' ..."
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    " Sakayang pandagat na kanilang nasampahan."
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    o maari rin sabihin ' sasakyang pandagat ang kanilang sinakyan'
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