Mi è scappato un po' troppo sale

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Antonius123, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Antonius123 Member

    Verona, Italy
    Buongiorno/sera a tutti-Hello everybody.

    Mi chiedo quale sia in inglese l'espressione più giusta per dire: "Cuocendo la pasta, MI E' SCAPPATO un pò troppo sale". So che anche in italiano l'espressione è abbastanza colloquiale, ma è qualcosa che si dice, comunque. Un'idea potrebbe essere: "A little too much salt has SLIPPED OFF my hand (while cooking the pasta)." Ma inutile dire che non mi convince.

    Grazie in anticipo.
  2. london calling Senior Member

    I'd say I threw too much salt in/I overdid the salt, something like that.;) Your attempt is rather nice, but I'm afraid it isn't English.:)
  3. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    I was a little heavy-handed with the salt. (capita a tutti ;))
  4. london calling Senior Member


    We say that in BE too.:)
  5. Antonius123 Member

    Verona, Italy
    Good, I like that! Thank you. I was thinking if "ho avuto la mano pesante con il sale" (more or less the translation of your phrase to italian) would make sense. Maybe it's probably more related to punishment (like "to be too hard on" sb) than to cooking.
  6. theartichoke Senior Member

    English -- Canada
    Just wanted to add that if the salt really did "slip off your hand"--i.e., we're talking about a salt-spilling-into-water accident rather than just a miscalculation--I'd be inclined to say "I'm afraid the salt got away from me!"

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