mi gozo en un pozo

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  1. csantana New Member

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    Can anyone help me translate "mi gozo en un pozo" into English? As in, "But all of a sudden, 'mi gozo en un pozo..."


  2. medio-payaso Senior Member

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    nos puedes brindar un poco mas contexto?

    A little more context please--

    Mi gozo en un pozo is literally, mi joy in a hole (or well) and it seems to me like it's showing dissapointment.

    Deme mas context para que te puda ayudar mas (como el refran entero)
  3. araceli Senior Member

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  4. HIR4M New Member

    "mi gozo en un pozo" or the version which I know "mi gozo en mi pozo"

    The equivalent expression in English is "Just my luck". When the odds or things are going against you and nothing is going right then you would use this expression.

    hope this helps someone. I hate threads that don't conclude, but hopefully this one now does.

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