Mi hermano y yo reventamos cohetes en navidad

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  1. Luis Plinio Rojas Perez New Member

    Lima Surco
    Peru Spanish
    Hi to all of you there!!!

    This 's a sentence I need to translate: Yo y mi hermano reventamos cohetes en navidad. Is it correct if I say this: My brother and I burst some fireworks at Christmas

  2. velero Senior Member

    Hi. That's really close, but we usually "set off" fireworks. Nice work, Luis!
  3. velero Senior Member

    Pensándolo bien, creo que de niños solíamos decir, "We blew off some fireworks."
  4. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    En español yo digo: quemar, entonces no se puede traducir igual al Inglés?

    My brother and I burn fireworks at Christmas. (todos los años)
    My brother and I burnt fireworks at Christmas. (años pasados)
  5. riancharles Senior Member

    USA, English
    I would say " My brother and I set off fireworks at Christmas time"

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