mi/mis cumpleaño(s)

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    hello all.

    grammtically speaking, is it correct and preferred to say MI cumpleanos or MIS cumpleanos?
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    MI cumpleaños.
    The singular form of "Cumpleaños" ends with an S because it comes from cumple + años.

    Actually, the plural and singular forms are the same, but when you say MIS cumpleañoS, you are referring to every single birthday you have had.

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    Both "mi cumpleaños" aand s "mis cumpleaños" are correct, singular if you refer to one your birthday celebrations and plural if refering to several of those days.:
    Mi cumpleaños número treinta = Mi trigésimo cumpleaños = My thirtieth birthday.
    Mi próximo cumpleaños = My next birthday.
    Solía llorar en sus cumpleaños = She used to cry on her birthdays.
    Me encanta celebrar los cumpleaños = I love to celebrate birthdays.

    As any "palabra grave terminada en s (paroxytone that ends with a s)", like virus, croquis, dosis, lunes, lavaplatos, humus, microcosmos, etc., there's no change when plural.

    Bye ;)

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