1. lilobug24 New Member

    HMONG (laos)
    What does "mi tesoro" mean?
  2. lazarus1907 Senior Member

    Lincoln, England
    Spanish, Spain
    Literally, "my treasure". In other contexts it can also be "honey", or other things.
  3. elbeto

    elbeto Senior Member

    Have the context for it? No, well, some ideas (as used in Mexico):
    My treasure.
    My most valuable possesion.
    If said to a child it means "my most important thing in life," or something like that.
  4. rompador New Member

    England English
    In the book/film ´The Lord of the Rings´ Gollum refers to "my precious" throughout. In the Spanish version, this is translated as "mi tesoro"

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