mi vs. me, and estoy vs. yo soy

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  1. Issa1269 Member

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    I often get a bit confused between when I should use mi or me, and estoy or yo soy.

    Can you please help me better understand how I should distinguish them apart, and in what context I should use one vs. the other.

    Muchas gracias
  2. avalosjav

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    Ok, here we go...

    You use "mi" when you're talking about psossesions, it's like "my" in English. Examples:
    Esa es MI pluma = That's MY pen.
    Podría vender MI alma por 2 dólares ahora mismo = I could sell MY soul for 2 dollars right now.

    well, the use of "me it's very common here but a little more complicated to explain. It's used when something or someone is affecting to you, for example:

    ME voy a ir mañana de esta ciudad = I'm going to leave this city tomorrow
    Todos ME dicen lo mismo = All tell (to me) the same
    Estoy bien pero ME duele la cabeza = I'm ok, but I have a headache.
    La pizza ME gusta mucho = I like pizza so much

    ok... wait for the second part of this.. I'll be right back...
  3. lforestier

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    Me = I (usually)
    Mi = My
  4. avalosjav

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    "Estoy" is used when you're talking about a state or condition in which you are or you can use it also to say where you are (physically). Maybe you're confused because to say "Estoy" or "Yo soy" you use the same words in English: "I'm" or even "I". Here you are some examples:

    ESTOY en el baño = I'm in the bath room
    ESTOY triste (me siento triste) = I feel sad

    Use "Yo soy" when you need to introduce yourself or when you answer the phone. But, we don't say "Yo soy", we usually say just "Soy" and that's it.

    (YO) SOY Pito Perez = I'm Pito Perez
    (YO) SOY quien te hace feliz = I'm the one who makes you happy
    Hola, SOY Pito, ¿cómo están todos por allá?= Hi, this is Pito, how are all of you doing there? (informal)
    Hola, Mi nombre es Pito Perez.... = Hi, my name is Pito Perez... (formal)

    Hope this can help a little, dude.
  5. Issa1269 Member

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    Hola, I'm clear now! Muchas gracias para todo!

  6. micafe

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    Are you referring to 'mi' (no accent) or 'mí' (accent)?. That makes a huge difference.

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