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Hello, there is a very nice list of microwave oven in different languages here in Wiktionary, but it is such a long word I bet you use some other short words for it. What do you call "microwave oven" in your colloquial language? Thanks.

Hungarian - mikró
Czech - mikrovlnka
English - microwave
Polish - mikrofala
  • Welsh_Sion

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    Welsh - Northern
    There will be those who allege that 'popty (< pobi 'to bake' + 'house') ping' (the English word for a soft, single peal of an alarm bell), is the Welsh 'colloquial' word for a 'microwave oven.'

    However, this was a relatively recent coinage by a radio DJ, and as can be seen, is quite nonsensical as it incorporates two separate languages together in its two words. I can not therefore condone this as a true 'Welsh lexical item'.

    The 'proper' word is therefore 'popty (or ffwrn < Lat. 'fornax') micro-don', a calque of the English item, with <i> not retaining its usual Welsh value of /ɪ/ but more like /əɪ/.


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    Brazílie, portugalština
    In Portuguese, at least in Brazil, the abbreviation for micro-ondas is micro, a masculine noun. Nevertheless, I think the full form is more widespread than its shortening.
    In Greek microwave oven is «φούρνος μικροκυμάτων» [ˈfur.nɔs mi.krɔ.ciˈma.tɔn] --> oven of-microwaves.
    «Μικροκυμάτων» [mi.krɔ.ciˈma.tɔn] is neuter genitive plural (microwaves') of the noun «μικροκύματα» [mi.krɔˈci.ma.ta] (neut. nom. pl.) --> microwaves.
    Colloquially, we just use the noun in genitive when referring to the oven, we say «ο μικροκυμάτων» [ɔ mi.krɔ.ciˈma.tɔn] --> the (definite article masc. nom. sing.) microwaves' (oven is omitted); the definite article is masculine because oven («φούρνος») is masculine.


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    In Macedonian it is known as микробранова (mikrobránova). Its full name is микробранова печка (mikrobránova péčka).

    бран (bran) m. "wave"; -бранова (-branova) adj.f.
    печка (péčka) f. "oven"
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