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On a medical sheet its asking for a "middle name"....first of all, do people from Spanish speaking countries even have middle names? If so, what would it be called/the translation be for "middle name"?
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    what do you mean with middle name?
    for example
    "Sofía Inés Lista" Inés is de middle name? in spanish "Inés" is the segundo nombre.
    In the Spanish speaking countries is very commoun have segundo nombre
    i hope help you

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    En España le llamamos nombre compuesto, por ejemplo

    First name o nombre: José Luis
    Last name o apellido: Rodriguez

    Lo que vosotros llamais middle name, sería Luis, para nosotros forma parte directamente del first name al ser inseparable.
    En definitiva, no hay equivalente. En un formulario en español sólo pondríamos dos campos

    Nombre: con espacio suficiente para poner nombres compuestos
    Apellidos: en España utilizamos dos apellidos a diferencia de USA, UK, etc

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    I suggest you read this article, and this previous thread. Spanish full names are typically composed of three or four names: one or two given names, followed by two family names. Furthermore, the name by which a person is known formally is not usually his or her last name, but the one before the last. As you can guess, this makes it tricky to speak of "middle names".
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