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  1. lpj2008 Member

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    I'm wondering how you show the difference between "scared" and "scary" in Spanish. Are they both "miedo", or am I mistaken?

    For example,
    How do I differentiate between "The man is scared" and "The man is scary". They have entirely different meanings. Would the first use estar and the second use ser?
    I'm a little confused as to why words with almost opposite meanings in English have the same Spanish translation.

    I have a related question...
    When does "asustar" mean "to scare" and when does it mean "to be scared"?
  2. malachit Member

    Mira mi traducción: El hombre tiene miedo. means The man is scared.
    El hombre es/está asustado. means The man is scared/diferencia entre caracter y el momento.
    El hombre es asustadizo. means The man is scary.

    Saludos, Malachit
  3. LA_Andaluza

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    Español (Spain)
    Voy a cambiar un poco lo que ha dicho Malachit:

    The man is scared: el hombre está asustado/ el hombre tiene miedo.
    The man is scary: es hombre es asustadizo o lo más común: es miedoso.
  4. apuquipa Senior Member

    orilla del Río de la Plata
    spanish, south america
    The man is scary= El hombre da miedo.

    The man is scared= El hombre tiene miedo/está asustado.
  5. lpj2008 Member

    US English
    if you were to say el hombre esta (accent) miedo, which would that mean?

    if i said
    el hombre asusto (with an accent) la mujer, would that mean the man scared the woman, or the man was scared of the woman?
  6. LA_Andaluza

    LA_Andaluza Senior Member

    Español (Spain)
    Es cierto: the man is scary: el hombre da miedo.
    (Lo he confundido con "scaredy-cat: miedoso, gallina)

    *El hombre está miedo no tiene sentido.
    El hombre asustó a la mujer means "the man scared the woman". You're right lpj2008.
  7. 100% de acuerdo con Apuquipa... by far, the most practical definition of the terms, methinks...

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