mieux vaut prévenir que guérir

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  1. Autumn_in_Norenskaia

    Autumn_in_Norenskaia Senior Member

    France, French
    Hi, is the translation for this phrase "better to prevent than to cure"...?
  2. sneaky13

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  3. Kat LaQ Senior Member

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    English, USA
    Just an addendum - the expression fixé in English is:
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  4. keumar83 Senior Member

    What about "better be safe than sorry"? It seems to convey the idea.
  5. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL, Sp-En mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Apparently, this is a BrE/AmE difference, if we believe the Cambridge:
    prevention is better than cure UK (USan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure) saying

    (and to me "be better safe than sorry" works too but then, I am not a native English speaker.
    At least, it is also given in the WR Dictionary ;))

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