mieux vaut révéler.....


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Help would be appreciated in checking the accuracy of my translation of the following sentence:

Le morale: mieux vaut révéler plutot que taire ces secrets qui entanchent les relations familiales.

My translation:

The moral: would be better on the whole to reveal, rather than hush up, those secrets which sully family relations.
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    I agree with sam's mum - but it depends slightly on the source text. If it's a rather old-fashioned sort of thing, then sully and besmirch would work. If it's contemporary, then poison is much better...


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    And I agree with morristhepen... sully and besmirch are sort of "quaint" words that date the text, which might be what you want. What about tarnish? Poison, spoil, wreck, ruin, destroy... work well but they might be too strong.
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