might as well use them

  • fenixpollo

    American English
    Hello, The crow, and welcome to the forum.

    Have you looked up might as well in our dictionary? At the bottom of the dictionary entry, there's a list of previous thread titles with those keywords in their titles.

    If you can find your answer in a prior thread, then we don't need another thread on the same subject.
    If, however, your context is different from the contexts in all of those other threads, then we can keep this thread. But we'll need you to give us a complete sentence and more context details in order to help you find an equivalent phrase in Spanish.

    Please reply to the thread and let us know how to proceed.


    American English
    If you look up might as well in our dictionary, the suggested definition is "también podría". Does this not work for you? Why not? What are you trying to say? And why didn't any of the more than 50 threads work for you?

    If you showed us a complete sentence and explained to us what you mean by the phrase "might as well", it would be easier to help you.