Migrated to their homeland

Sundar Naz

People had become homeless when India and Pakistan became separate countries because people migrated to their homeland.
Is the sentence grammatically correct and natural? I know I couldn't expresse myself well in the sentence, would you help me with the sentence?
  • lingobingo

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    You’ve only given us a single sentence out of context, so we have no idea how this relates to what else is being said.

    There’s no reason to use the past perfect (had become homeless) unless you’re going on to say something about the upshot of that, what came next – or it sets the background to something already said. If you just want to state their becoming homeless as a fact, it should be expressed in the simple past.


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    If you're asking about "migrated to their homeland" as indicaterd by the thread title, it's fine. I agree with Lingo (#2) that the pluperfect probably isn't needed in the sentence as it stands.