, Miguel Ajuria () among the rest;

park sang joon

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The protagonist, Philip, came to Paris to become a painter.
He goes to the studio Amitrano.

Philip could not get the unhappy event out of his head. What troubled him most was the uselessness of Fanny's effort. No one could have worked harder than she, nor with more sincerity; she believed in herself with all her heart; but it was plain that self-confidence meant very little, all his friends had it, Miguel Ajuria among the rest; and Philip was shocked by the contrast between the Spaniard's heroic endeavour and the triviality of the thing he attempted.
[Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham]
I'd like to know if "being" is omitted before "among."
Thank you in advance for your help.
  • wind-sky-wind

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    In Japan, many people would explain so.
    It is true you can also say "Miguel Ajuria being among the rest,"
    but I think it's just a noun plus an adverbial or adjective phrase.

    park sang joon

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    Thank you, wind-sky-wind, for your So Very kind answer. :)
    Then I was wondering what role you think the adjectival phrase "Miguel Ajuria among the rest" plays.
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