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Hello, Spanish-English forum!

I recently learned that what we call "ninjas" over here are called "Miguelitos" in Spanish. These are very sharp, pointed devices, like four or six nails welded together with the business end pointing out, such that if thrown onto a road, they will puncture the tires of a car driving over them, no matter how they fall.

Does anyone happen to know why they are called "Miguelitos"?

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    It is said they were invented (or brought here) by Miguel Enríquez, a Chilean. I doubt this word is understood elsewhere.


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    Thank you. Yes, I had the impression that the term was pretty widely used in Latin America. In case any wondered in English they are called "caltrops", but it is a word that is mostly reserved for scholars, I'm told.

    Thank you for your prompt and generous help.
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