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Hei! I don't fully understand the difference between Mihin+Mistä and Mille+Miltä.
If you say: Mille torille menette? Can you also say: Mihin toriin menette?
Also, if you say, Tältä torilta on 200 metriä asemalle;
Can you say "Tästä torista on 200 metriä asemaan."

Do they have any difference?
  • Hakro

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    Finnish - Finland
    Hi Jenifer, and welcome to the forums,

    Your problem is very common for foreigners studying Finnish and sometimes also for Finns themselves.

    The main rule is that English preposition "in" gives Missä+Mihin+Mistä and "on" gives Millä+Mille+Miltä.

    According to this, your first suggestions are right and the second ones are absolutely wrong.

    Unfortunately, there are hundreds of exceptions, and it's practically impossible to explain them all.

    For example, if you speak about the railway station, it's always asemalla, -lta, -lle, but if you speak about the status or emplacement, it's asemassa, -sta, -an.

    Finns themselves have some problems with the place names. Everybody knows that Vantaa (a big city and airport) is declined lla, -lta, -lle, but many do mistakes with Laukaa (a small municipality) as it should be declined -ssa, -sta, -seen.

    I'm sorry that in this case I've probably confused you more than helped you, but I promise to try to help you whenever you ask.
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