1. Unregistered Guest

    what is the word meja? i thought it was daughter or girlfriend. My friends would say hey mija
  2. Celeste Senior Member

    Argentina, Spanish
    I guess it could be " mi hija" for m'hija (my daughter) m'hijo (my son) is a way of saying son or daughter by county people (provincianos) :eek:
  3. paliux Member

    spain / spanish
    Mija doesn´t exist in Spanish. It could be "mi hija" as "my daughter".
  4. coc Banned

    What Celeste said is true. It is widely used as m´hija/o, a kind of loving way to talk about sons and daughters used by country people.
    Mijo is also a cereal: millet.
    And I´ve just found this, which I think is what our guest means:

    mijo (informal) sustantivo masculino/femenino (Latinoamérica) (a un hombre) mate (informal) / (a una mujer) love (informal)


    I don´t know where in Latin America exactly, but there you go.

  5. funnydeal Senior Member

    Mexico, D.F.
    Mexico / Español
    In some sections of México, is used M'hija or m'ija = my daughter = mi hija, (only in speaking not in writting)

    Although it means my daughter, it is used between friends, in fact for female friends, like mate. It is rare to listen m'ijo = mi hijo,

    For example:

    Estás equivocada m'ija

    You are wrong, mate

    I hope, this could help
  6. coc Banned

    Con ese sentido, en la Argentina se usa el diminutivo: "estás equivocada/o m´hijita/o", el diminutivo es despectivo y pretende reforzar la idea de que la otra persona está equivocada.

  7. BabyGirl301 Member

    san diego, ca
    U.S. English and Spanish
    oh my boyfriend calls me mija all the time. I also notice his mom and aunts all call me mija too. It's like a term of endearment. Its an affectionate way to call someone. I see everyone keeps putting mi hija, but everytime I see it written down it's always spelled MIJA. Maybe that's just a slang way of spelling it.
  8. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    En España no decimos ni escribimos esa expresión, y no sé cómo la escribiría alguien que sí esté acostumbrado a usarla.
    Supongo que se escribiría "mi hijo", "mi hija", y al pronunciarla queda como "mijo, mija".
  9. mjscott Senior Member

    At least in Gary Soto's books (a Mexican-American author) he writes it m'ija. The apostrophe tells me that letters are omitted--such as in the word don't

    mi hija
  10. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    English (USA)
    Yes, I second all of the above. I just thought I'd add that I have a friend that also shortens "mi sobrino" to "miso"... and he calls many of his female friends "m'ija". Very affectionate.
  11. kdi_73 New Member

    Monterey, CA
    English USA
    Ok, so does the word show posession? Que no?
  12. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    English (USA)
    Yes, it shows posession. "Mi hija" means "my daughter".
  13. teleco New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    'mija' doesn't exist in spanish - Spain.
    Here, we say "mi hija". ("my daugther")
  14. colombian18 New Member

    english england
    Mija is used alot in Chicano American lingo. Especially chicano rap music, eg-mr sancho, Lil rob etc.It is used as an affectional term for a "girlfriend" or "wife".
  15. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    English (USA)
    Just so that no one gets confused: it doesn't always mean "girlfriend" or "wife". My very good friend (& ex-boyfriend) calls me "m'ija" and, let me tell you, it's the farthest things from that kind of affection as possible. :p
  16. brookiep06 New Member

    Germany, but I speak English
    My mom started calling me mija when I was little, but she doesn't spell it mi hija... we always put it together. I'm thinking about getting this tattooed on me, but wanted to figure out if it would be stupid just to put Mija, even though that is the word that has personal value to it.
  17. IrishSon New Member

    US English
    I have heard this word "Mija" used my entire life. I lived next door to an Hispanic family that had been in the states since the early '50s. The father and mother both referred to all of their kids, boys and girls as Mija. They even called me that on occasion. They spelled it that way. So I agree, that it is a term of endearment to anyone especially younger than you. I hope that helps Meja!!
  18. MarenLBC New Member

    English - American
    I'm sorry but this simply isn't accurate especially in Mexican-American Spanish from Southern California. In this region mi'jo/mi'ja has taken on a broader definition and no longer serves as just a contraction of the term mi hijo "My son/daughter". When you hear the word used in context out here the closest word to it in English is "Sweetheart" regardless to who it is directed at.

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