--Mike: I work for Harvey. --Louis: As you should. Good.


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I was watching a TV serial "Suits". Below is a conversation between two lawyers: Mike (he is in his internship, working as an accossiate attorney for Harvey) and Louis, another lawyer.
My question is about "As you should": Is the way it's used below common? In this context, does it mean something like "sure, you are right; that's your job."

Louis: You know that I pick a pony out of the herd every year, don't you?
Mike: A pony?
Louis: Oh, yeah. Someone who shows potential. Stamp my own little brand on him. Mmm. Are you that pony, Mike?
Mike: I work for Harvey.
Louis: As you should. Good.
Louis: Well, listen, I have some work to get to.......(Then Louis left and invited Mike to have lunch with him the next day. Louis wanted Mike to meet a potential client who smokes pot. Mike smoked pot.)
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