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Two guys say that demons possess people because "there's a loophole in the contract made millennia ago by God and Devil. At least that's how we look at it. Your mileage may vary."

--- What do they mean that our (readers) mileage may vary?


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Your mileage may vary - YMMV

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    This is a standard disclaimer for advertising claims regarding automobile gas mileage. After you're told how fuel-efficient a particular car is and how many miles per gallon (kilometres per litre) it gets, you'll see "Your mileage may vary" either on your television screen or at the bottom of the print ad.

    It is so common that this expression has become a disclaimer for almost anything in life -- to the extent that you will see it abbreviated in online forums as YMMV. It means that your own personal experience may vary from what you've just been told.

    In the case of gas mileage, for instance, you may be in the habit of driving your stick-shift car around at 4,000 rpm, so you'll use more gas than the person who drives more conservatively. Etc.
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