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French - Belgium
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find a translation in French to "millennials", talking about the Millennial generation. I've found on the web that we're talking here about people who were born between 82 and 94, and came of age in the 21st century. It's the generation after "Generation X".
But I haven't found a translation for that.

Could it be "Génération Y"? I've read articles in French about that, but I'm not sure it's the same thing.

Thank you!
  • Millenials and Gen-Yers are the same generation.

    In French, one uses génération Y, but it's a calque from the English expression and may not be understood by every one. But it still scores 500 000+ hits on google. ;)
    Thank you!
    I've indeed chosen "Génération Y", even though I've also seen the French synonym "Les enfants du millénaire", the first scores better on Google!
    fote, "les trentenaires" only works between 2002 (when people born in 1982 are 30) and 2033 (when people born in 1994 hit 39).

    "Génération something" (based on a bracket of birth years) remains true whether you are writing in 2005 or 2390.
    So I have a doubt now after reading a Guardian article about snapchat, saying, I guote :
    "Compared to facebook, Snapchat is not user-friendly and this is reportedly by design : the barriers to entry keep it full of mostly millenials"
    Given that the article earlier said snapchat was popular among "teenagers and twenty-somethings", it seems to me that here, millenials mean people who were actually born at the turn of 2000, or shortly before. But it seems to exclude the "trentenaire" (those born in the 80s). What do you think ?