Milujte se, pravdy každému přejte (Pomník Jana Husa)


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A doubt, what is the best translation for the inscription on Jan Hus memorial in Prague, Milujte se, pravdy každému přejte?
I have found one translation that is "Be true to yourself and others".
But I couldn't understand very well this when I compare the Czech version (according to my little knowledge of the language). For me the phrase sounds something like "Love yourself, and trully wish others/every one" (although it doesn't make much sense).
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    Your suspicion is justified. The English translation is completely incorrect.

    The first part milujte se is a biblic line which repeatedly appears in Hus' sermons. It means love each other / love one another like in A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. (John 13:34).

    The second part pravdy každému přejte translates literally to wish the Truth to everyone, but a better translation could be don't deny the Truth to anyone. Well, that's the modern interpretation. The original meaning was more ambiguous as the old meaning of pravda was not only truth, but also justice, rightness and above all the truth/word of God or Gospel.

    The quote on the memorial is actually a short of the well-known appeal in one of the Hus' letters from prison (letter No. 10, the last but one sentence). The full quote goes like this:
    Také prosím, aby sě milovali, dobrých násilím tlačiti nedali, a pravdy každému přáli.​