1. ruleuan New Member

    spain spanish
    How could I translate this word in english?? mimmetize? I have not found it in my dictionary
  2. fuzzzylogix

    fuzzzylogix Senior Member

    aspacameur/english 1st, spanish 2nd
    the DRAE defines it as: imitate or blend into the environment
  3. Sefora Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain. Spanish
    I had this doubt too. I found the verb "mimic" in TheFreeDictionary.

    Mimic (tr.v. mimicked, mimicking, mimics)
    1. To copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression, and gesture; ape.
    2. To copy or imitate so as to ridicule; mock: always mimicking the boss.
    3. To resemble closely; simulate: an insect that mimics a twig. (<- maybe this is what you want for "mimetizar")
    4. To take on the appearance of.

    I hope this can help you.
  4. chepe jones Senior Member

    I'm wondering if the meaning of mimetizar is close to the idea of behaving like a chameleon in English. Thoughts?
  5. Sefora Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain. Spanish
    Yes, good example! A chameleon changing its skin color in order to get immersed in the environment is the most common example for mimetizar in the animal realm. Or a soldier lying on the grass, wearing a camouflage uniform covered with grass and weeds...

    I thought Ruleuan maybe was looking for that meaning of mimetizar. So, do you think the word mimic is the most appropriate in that case?
  6. Fantasmagórico

    Fantasmagórico Senior Member

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Uruguayan Spanish
  7. chepe jones Senior Member

    Yes, since I read this thread I have poked around on the internet and thought about it, and I think you are right, mimic is probably the best translation in this context.
    I have been reading the essay "Máscaras mexicanas" by Octavio Paz and he uses the word mimetismo a lot to talk about the tendency of Mexicans to try to cover up their difficulties.
  8. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Yes, "to mimic".
  9. sparklingirl Senior Member

    México D.F.
    Mexico, D.F. Spanish
    I am working on this translation. It is a boy doll that can mimetizarse.

    Poseen la capacidad de transformar sus extremidades en cuchillas o tentáculos así como mimetizarse a voluntad.

    What I got:
    They have the capacity of transforming their extremities on blades and tentacles, and to imitate (or camouflage)voluntary.

    Thank you so much in advace.
  10. Sefora Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain. Spanish
    Sparklingirlr, yo sólo veo las siguientes mejoras, pero debes esperar a que algún nativo lo confirme, porque para mi nivel de inglés quizá estoy arriesgando mucho con este consejo: :eek:

    They have the capacity of transforming their extremities into blades or tentacles, and to camouflage (replicate?/mimic?) voluntary.

    No sé en inglés, pero usar el verbo imitar en español sin que haya detrás un complemento directo que diga qué se está imitando suena incompleto para mí. Pero repito, espera mejor a que alguien lo confirme!
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  11. flipphelp Member

    colombia, spanish/english
    mimetizar is camouflage in english
  12. sparklingirl Senior Member

    México D.F.
    Mexico, D.F. Spanish
    Thanks a lot for your great help!

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