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  1. akina Member

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    I know that mina means all, and mina-san means everyone.
    So, if in writing, I use the kanji for mina, would I use hiragana to make the san? Or is there another kanji for this.


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  2. SpiceMan Senior Member

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    San is just a politeness suffix. Both minna (or the alternative mina) and minna-san mean "everyone". With the san added, you're just being polite.

    Another example:
    Kodomo tachi (children)
    Kodomosan tachi (children - polite)

    First question: Yes, you write it in kanji with san suffixed: 皆さん

  3. Eso Member

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    Mina, or minna, means "everybody." Mina-san or minna-san is a polite way to address the audience you're speaking to.

    The word "all" will be subete or zenbu.

  4. Brave Heart Senior Member

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    SpiceMan and Eso are correct except that we don't say "minna-san", which should be "mina-san" or "mina-sama" ("sama" is more polite than "san").

  5. akina Member

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    Ah, thank you everyone. It makes more sense now.

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