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French (lower Normandy)
mince interjfamilier (surprise, dépit)damn, crumbs interj
(US)criminy interj
Mince, où est passée ma montre ?
Damn, where did my watch go?

I think that "mince" is even milder than "damn". French children can use it as freely as "zut" I would say.
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    Thanks - yes. I would say 'Blast!' is what I would say in English where I would say 'Mince !' in French. I've added that as a BE term and darn for AE. I've removed damn.

    Just for info, damn really isn't considered rude in BE these days (I couldn't say for AE). I doubt many people would reprimand children for saying it. However, I still agree that it doesn't feel quite right for 'Mince !'.