mindless drone


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Hello! What means "drone" there? Could it mean something like "droïd"? I see more or less what it means, but i am not sure how to translate it. Here's the context:

Scientists identify genes that could turn ordinary people into supergenius (or mindless drones)
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    I don't think "mindless drones" in English calls up an image of robots. Long before a "drone" was a pilotless aircraft it was a male bee who was not a worker and only existed to impregnate the queen. So "drone" in English means someone who has no real purpose, who doesn't accomplish anything. "Mindless drone" is probably meant to call up an image like "zombie" more than anything mechanical or android-like.

    Dr. Baha'i

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    I doubt that the idea is to turn people into "vegetables," but rather into something like zombies who have no will of their own but who can be controlled by others.


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    drone: an unchanging intonation

    rather than being "un robot sans cervelle" or something similar, as suggested, how about looking at the other meaning of drone.

    It can be a verb or a noun.

    So, "mindless drone" could be "un bourdonnement abêtissant"

    Think on ...