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Mentors, could you tell me what is wrong in the following sentence?

This belief makes her not be hasty and have the positive mindset that everything will turn out good in the end.

1. Can I say "not hasty" instead, as we usually say "make her happy" not "make her be happy"?
2. It seems that something is missing in "positive mindset that".
What if I change this part to:
"positive mindset of thinking everything will turn out good in the end"
or is this okay as it is?
  • Franco-filly

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    I suggest "makes her less hasty" or "makes her + (whatever the opposite of "hasty" is :confused:)

    I think "have a positive mindset" suggests an optimistic view so doesn't necessarily need an additional clause.
    "a mindset that" doesn't work. You could say something like "..a positive mindset; knowing that everything will turn out well in the end.
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