mine to lose

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    That could mean loads of things depending on what the character intended.

    It could mean:
    - Paul is mine, so nobody else is allowed to care as much as me if he dies.
    - If Paul dies, remember that I will be very distraught as I more or less own him.
    - I'm in a vulnerable position, because I've invested a lot of emotional energy in Paul.

    It could also mean:
    - Having not personally taken steps to protect Paul, I fear that he might be dead.

    Undoubtedly it could mean plenty of other things, it's a very cryptic, even metaphysical expression. If you could give more context that would be great.


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    The phrase is usually used of inanimate objects, e.g.
    A: "When you go hiking, keep that book safe."
    B: "Huh! It's mine to lose." = "Don't interfere. It's my book and I will do what I want with it."

    In your example, it appears as if Paul might die and Mary is saying,

    "Huh! Don't interfere, I am going out with Paul and if he dies what do I care? I can do what I want with him."


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    Mary would have to be pretty nasty and callous for it to be PaulQ's interpretation, but I think he might be right!


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    If something is mine to lose, I have it now. Whether I get to keep it depends on how I act.

    Mary and Paul are romantically involved. If Mary doesn't act appropriately when he's had a car accident, she may/will lose her relationship to Paul.


    Mary says, 'please don't take him from me, please, please, he is mine, he is mine to lose'.

    I do not know if this information helps...

    Thanks in advance to all of you!
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