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Hello everyone,

I know that "anche io" means: "me too" or "me as well". For example: If someone were to say "I like chocolate". I would answer "anche io".

But my question is: How would I say "mine too"? (not refering to myself directly but something that belongs to me)
For example, if someone were to say: "my car is very expensive". Would I answer by saying "mine too" or "mine as well" -- Would that be "anche mio" in Italian?

Thank you! :)
  • Yes, but you'd want to add the article.

    "La mia macchina è molto cara."
    "Anche la mia."
    Paulina, se qualcuno dice "Mi piace il cioccolato", tu puoi rispondere "anche a me". "Anche io" in quel caso non ha senso.