minecar or minecart ?

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  1. takiakos76 Senior Member


    What I mean is the thing you can see in the attached picture.

    For some reason what I have in my head is that it's called minecart in BE, and minecar in AE.

    Am I right or am I just making that up?


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  2. dojibear Senior Member

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    I would call it a cart in AE, not a car.
  3. DonnyB

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    I personally would call it a "mine wagon".

    But Google image searches for mine wagon, mine car and mine cart all produce the same sort of pictures as the one you uploaded as the sample. :)
  4. kentix Senior Member

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  5. Dretagoto

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    Minecart sounds better in BrE, as you suggest - "car" definitely makes me think of AE.
  6. GreenWhiteBlue

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    The term used historically in American coal mining areas was "mine car", and not cart. For examples, see here.
  7. kentix Senior Member

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    I found a website for a store in Colorado, USA that sells rocks and other souvenirs related to geology and mining and it is named "The Ore Cart". So I guess some people on this side of the ocean use cart, also.
  8. Keith Bradford

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    The traditional technical term in Britain was apparently mine-car*, but most non-miners would have called it a coal waggon or coal truck.

    * Source: Kettridge's Technical Dictionary, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London 1980.
  9. Dretagoto

    Dretagoto Senior Member

    Inglés británico
    Really? That's interesting. Waggon seems about right for here, but for much the same reasons "cart" rather than "car" sounds right in Britain - car is an abbreviation of carriage, and cart sounds more natural to me for something industrial or agricultural. As for thinking "mine" sounded more natural here, I blame watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as a kid... :p
  10. sdgraham

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    Coincidentally, my wife and I took a tour of an old gold mine outside of Kellogg, Idaho last month -- and they hd one of the things on prominent display outside the mine.
    Crystal Gold Mine Underground Tours / Kellogg Idaho

    Since this thread has grown a life, I just now called the nice lady who, along with her husband, runs the place and asked her.

    "Everybody calls them something different," she said. "I call them mine carts."

    So there you are. ;)
  11. PaulQ

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    I call them [coal] trolleys.
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  12. kentix Senior Member

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    Even when they aren't used for coal?
  13. PaulQ

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    :D (brackets added) See #8 - Apart from salt - little else is mined in this way in the UK.
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