1. Doudey Member

    Namur, Belgium
    French - France

    I am looking for help to translate the word minibeast, because I can't find it. The sentence is:

    Washing an organic lettuce can sometimes be more educational than an organised minibeast hunt.

    I am really not sure of what it means, but here's my try:

    Laver une salade bio peut parfois être plus instructif qu'une chasse aux petites bêtes organisée.

    Thanks a lot for your help !
  2. mariegil2 Senior Member

    I'd say: "...être plus instructif que d'organiser une chasse aux petites bêtes"
  3. xaipete Senior Member

    Green Bay, WI, USA
    English - U.S.
    Is this saying you learn more by washing the caterpillars and bacteria off the lettuce than by letting some chemical zap them before they reach the market? What about "microfaune"? Microfauna are the ones too small to see.
  4. mariegil2 Senior Member

    I don't know exactly the context of this sentence but it seems you learn more about insects when you wash your caterpillars than when you play that game "minibeast hunt".
  5. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    ...qu'une recherche organisée de micro-organismes ?
  6. Doudey Member

    Namur, Belgium
    French - France
    Thanks for your answers !

    But I'm still lost in translation ! Is "minibeast hunt" a kind of game or maybe a pun in english ? Can I translate it into "petites bêtes" or does it refer to the name of an insect ? Because maybe that "microorganisme" is a little bit too evasive ?
  7. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    A minibeast hunt is an educational activity. Young children love to search for (and find) creepy-crawlies, whether they be insects or small creatures such as slugs. The term 'minibeast' refers collectively to all those creatures!

    I work in an outdoor activities centre, and a bug hunt - more or less the same thing - is one of the activities in which young children take part!
  8. Momerath Senior Member

    British English
    Surely the word "bestiole" would do for "minibeast" in the context.
  9. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

  10. Momerath Senior Member

    British English
  11. Doudey Member

    Namur, Belgium
    French - France
    Thanks to everybody ! That helped a lot ! I will follow your ideas and translate it as a chasse aux petites bêbettes (because "bestiole" seems to me a little bit pejorative)

    Thank you
  12. Nattre Senior Member

    French - English
    pour moi "bêbette" est plus péjoratif que "bestiole"
    pourquoi ne pas utiliser tout simplement "insecte" ou "petite bête", comme suggéré pour être plus inclusif.
    The sentence means that you'll find more insects by washing your organic lettuce than by going on a hunt in the garden, because no chemicals were used in the growing period.

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