Ministerio de gobernación (Nicaragua)

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    Anyone know an equivalent in English?

    Ministry of goverenance? Department of governance? Am I way off?
  2. fenixpollo

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    As far as I understand it, departments of gobernación are like a cross between the U.S. departments of Interior, Justice and Homeland Security combined.

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    The threads are a tad contradictory. If the gobernacion is national I would probably go for something like Department of the Interior. In the UK this goes by the name of the Home Office. If it is for a province I would use something like Provincial Administration.
  4. flightgoddess Senior Member

    Minneapolis, Minnesota
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    Hmm... not sure if that helps...

    here is the context, I should have put it in the first place....

    ....está conformada por retirados del Ejército Popular Sandinista y del Ministerio de Gobernación (Mingob), desmovilizados de la Resistencia Nicaragüense, combatientes históricos de la guerra insurreccional....

  5. fenixpollo

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    You're right, cirrus. I should have looked at those threads before I linked them. Nobody really answered the question in either of those threads. Oops!

    According to its website (link), Mingob in Nicaragua is responsible for:
    • prisons, the state police, the state firefighters, immigration, homeland security and social services.
    In the U.S., there are 4 different departments that handle these affairs: Justice, Interior, Homeland Security and Health & Human Services.

    If your translation is for an American audience, you might use the Ministry of the Interior; for a Commonwealth audience, you could try the Home Office. While the U.S. Dept. of the Interior has a different role than Mingob, they are titled that way because they handle internal affairs -- although each country defines "internal affairs" differently. I think it's the closest correlation of the 4 U.S. departments that fulfill these roles.

    The Ministry of Governance is a stretch because, while people may understand the word "governance", they would not have any context to put it in. In addition, it may sound repetitive (like "the Ministry of Ministering"), and the word gives no clue as to the actual function of the Ministry.

    Your final option is to keep the title in Spanish and explain what it does or compare it to similar organizations in the government of the main target audience.

    Hope this helps.

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