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  1. Elvus Member

    Is this sentence a correct translation of I was raised by my mother and grandfather because my father didn't live with us?

    Minua kasvatti äiti ja isoisä, koska isäni ei asunut kanssamme.
  2. Hakro

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    The possessive suffixes are not absolutely necessary.
  3. altazure Member

    "I was raised" would translate better using the genitive object minut. The partitive object "minua" sounds more like "I was being raised"; the implication is that they might not have raised you all the way to adulthood.
  4. Hakro

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    I'm sorry, Altazure, I can't agree. "Minut kasvattivat äitini ja isoisäni" sounds to me like a total raising system where both mother and grandfather were attending all the time, day and night. Instead, "Minua kasvattivat äitini ja isoisäni" means that I got help and advice sometimes from my mother, sometimes from my grandfather. But I'm not saying that you're wrong, because after all, this is only my opinion, this is how I understand different forms.
  5. Elvus Member

    Thanks a lot for your answers. One more thing - I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask you to check a ~400-word text. You see, I'm writing elämäkerta for CIMO summer course application form. :)
  6. Gavril Senior Member

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    I'm just curious if you would have the same problem with Minut kasvatti äitini, where there's only one subject?
  7. Hakro

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    Hi Gavril,

    Right, if there's only one subject I would use the accusative case minut.

    On the other hand, I could say that "Äitini ja isoisäni kasvattivat minut kommunistiksi / oikeistolaiseksi". If I say that "Äitini ja isoisäni kasvattivat minua kommunistiksi / oikeistolaiseksi" it (most probably) means that they didn't succeed.
  8. sakvaka

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    As the distinction between total and partial objects is such a wide issue, I've moved the remaining discussion to an earlier thread, namely here. Let's not make this veer too much away from the original poster's question.

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