1. erobin New Member

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    Could someone please translate this phrase.

    It is in regards to legal papers that were filed.
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  2. esteban Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
    Is it something like:

    "Le docteur Petrovich a été mis en cause dans l'affaire du doping..."????
  3. RobInAustin Senior Member

    Austin, Texas USA
    US English, French
    I would suggest "indicted" in your context, if the legal proceedings are criminal in nature.
  4. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    I' m not a lawyer and I'm not sure I understand, but:
    Domaine(s) :
    - law
    . English
    joinder of parties
    français mis en cause
    Sous-entrée(s) : .
    impleaded party
    mis en cause
    added party
    . [Office de la langue française, 1994] .
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  5. RobInAustin Senior Member

    Austin, Texas USA
    US English, French
    If the context is civil, not criminal, it would be "joined as a party" to the lawsuit.
  6. stlizzy New Member

    United States, English
    Hello. I am currently reading a communications book and would like to know the context of this phrase. Thanks.

    "... conclut l'ombudsman du New York Times un an après que l'existance des armes de destruction massive ait été sérieusement mis en cause par la presse internationale."

    Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

  7. marget Senior Member

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    i would say 'called into question"
  8. L.A.Mac7 Member

    English - Australia
  9. Maurice le difficile Senior Member

    London Ontario
    Français, Québec
    "Mis" is the past participle of "Mettre", but this is an expression. It should go something like this:
    Flashball fired in Montreuil: Police officers implicated by the "police's police".

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