1. sebastiank Member

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    hi there folks!
    im stuck on the following french sentence.

    `le fait meme que la vision du droit a laquelle l'on se rattache soit contredite par d'autres visions, peut etre vecu comme une mise en cause l'autorite scientifique'

    my take on it is the following:

    `the very fact that the idea of law to which they are attached to would be contradicted by other visions/versions of law, may be seen as a an attempt to undermine their scientific authority/credentials.

    the text is about convergence of national penal systems within the EU.

  2. Katoussa

    Katoussa Senior Member

    You've got the idea :)
    'mettre en cause' is to discuss the truth, the reliability of something.

  3. bh7 Senior Member

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    Yes, you're on the right track. I'd suggest either of the following:

    ...may be seen as a challenge to "scientific authority".

    ...may be seen as questioning "scientific authority".

    In a different context, " mise en cause " can mean "to accuse" or "to implicate" sb.

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