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Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by heartz, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. heartz New Member

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    I was just wondering if someone can give me explanations for these two words in polish and also how one would pronounce them.

    I think misiu is like an affectionate term, but I'm not quite sure.

    I've had a harder time translating and pronouncing dzidzia...is it a name or a word?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Marijka

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    Lublin/Eastern Poland
    "Misiu" ( Nominative - "misio", "misiu" is Vocative) is indeed affectionate term, literally it means..hmm.."teddy bear" or just "bear", but it is used as English "honey", "sweetheart".
    "Dzidzia" is also affectionate term, it means "little baby", and it's used when you speak to/about little baby, or to someone you love ( like English "baby", but it's not widely used this way), or you can say "dzidzia" about someone, who is childish.

    Oh, and we say "misiu" to boy, man, as it means "bear" :)
  3. mikesz14 Member

    I use also word "misiu", when I speak with my friend or by way of greeting with my school friends "Cześć miśki!".

    "Misiu" is used in conversation with boy and "myszko"(/my/ mouse) with girl.

    "Dzidzia"- it can mean also "very beautiful girl"
  4. mc84

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    Hey! As a curiosity, you should also know that "misio"/"misiek" is one of diminutives of "Michał" (Michael). It's extremely popular, and very affectionate, especially when is used by a woman. Normally men don't call each other diminutives, that's obvious :D!

    If you hear "dzidzia", you can be 90%-sure somebody's just called that name a baby.

    Oh, you also asked for pronunciation.
    misio (mee-sho)
    misiu (mee-shoe:p)
    misiek (mee-shake)

    dzidzia (jee-ja) (a like in up)

    good luck pronuncing!

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