misogynist: a man or a person?


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Today I came across the word "misogynist" in Essential Words for the GRE book. I have already looked it up in a couple of dictionaries. There is no consensus amongst them that whether the term is applied to "a man" or "a person"! My question here is that can a woman be called a "misogynist"?
Longman :
a man who hates women .
a person who hates or strongly dislikes women, or who thinks they are generally less able than men.
A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
a man who hates women or believes that men are much better than women.
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    Surely what is important about the term is the dislike or hatred of women. I would think that "person" is more appropriate because of that.

    I would also say that the terms "woman" and "man" today are more 'debatable' than they used to be. So really perhaps the question should be what it is called when a woman has these feelings for women. If there is no specific word for that then it seems "misogyny" applies to any person, not just men.
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