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Could anybody translate English into English? I have difficulties to understand the red sentence:

Any attempt to forcibly open any door, the engine hood without using the vehicle key (or remote control) will cause the hazard lights to flash on and off and the horn to sound intermittently. This will continue for 30 seconds before the system automatically shuts itself off.
Please operate the door either the key lock or remote control after closing all doors to arm the alarm system.
Miss warning will be detected when the passenger door is opened with locked condition and then this door is closed.

This text is from the owner's handbook of a Japanese-based pick-up truck made in Thailand. I don't know wether the original text has been Japanese or Thai.

I think that it might mean:
- Miswarning (false alarm) can be stopped by opening the passenger door...
- Missing warning (alarm system not working) can be detected by opening...
- Something else, what?

Any ideas?
  • I don't understand what "when the passenger door is opened with locked condition" could mean?

    I assume this is talking about something that a normal owner could encounter, so it should not be about a passenger door being forced open. Could it mean something like "when the car is locked while the passenger door is still open"?

    Still, that seems unlikely because in my experience in those circumstances the central locking will either not operate or will lock then immediately unlock. Maybe that's what "Miss warning" means :)

    Alternatively, I really haven't a clue what "Miss warning" could mean, and my daughter has the Japanese car at the moment so I can't check either the manual or the behaviour of the locking system.
    Miss warning will be detected when the passenger door is opened with locked condition and then this door is closed.
    I guess it means:
    "False alarms will be detected automatically, e.g. if a passenger opens a door from the inside while the car is in the locked state. As soon as he closes the door once again, the alarm will shut off."


    I'm not sure I can translate it, but I know what it means! On a car with wireless unlocking, if you open a door, after you have pressed "lock" on the... "wireless key," I guess, then the car alarm will go off. This is possible if you unlock it manually from from the inside, or if one of the locks is broken, such as on my parents car, and does not lock when you press the button.

    How about this, not a translation, but an explination:
    Car alarm will sound when the passenger door is opened with locked condition after the door is closed.

    If you press the lock button before you close the door, then the alarm will not sound. It will only sound if the door is already closed and locked when you try to open it.

    .... Now that I look back, I see that Kajjo has already said pretty much what I said. I guess I got a little excited when I knew the answer. I hope my post's not completely redundant...