miss your period, missed period


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In a medical text, the source reads;
You don't even need to wait until you miss your period before testing as the X Digital Pregnancy test can be used up to 5 days before your missed period.
the translated text reads:

لستِ حتى في حاجة للانتظار حتى يفوت موعد حيضك قبل إجراء الاختبار لأن اختبار حمل إكس الرقمي يمكن استخدامه قبل مدة تصل لـ 5 أيام من تفويت موعد حيضك.

The point is I am not sure whether is suitable for the reader; is there any readable suggestion?​
Thanks in advance​
Arabic (Egyptian)
To me , the first seems to be correct(يفوت/ينقضي)
But the second seems odd I'd prefer to say قبل 5 أيام من موعد حيضك


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I agree. If I had read this يمكن استخدامه قبل مدة تصل لـ 5 أيام من تفويت موعد حيضك I would understand that one should wait until the period is missed and then count five days which is the exact opposite of what the English says. The word قبل can be confusing for the reader but it doesn't help much.

I would go with sunshine's suggestion


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Arabic, PA and IA.
I don't know. I don't recall another word than دورة used in colloquial so I don't know whether it's used because it's more 'palatable' or because the origin is no longer in use.

With regards to الحيض, then I would say that to me it sounds more 'formal' and 'scientific'. Maybe because we don't really use the word in colloquial or maybe it's the effect of religion as Muslim scholars tend to use this word because they believe that it's formal and scientific.


Arabic (Egypt).
You better say دورتك الشهرية not only دورتك.
I agree with this. Somehow حيضك sounds, I don't know... old language? Or maybe because دورتك الشهرية is the term used in women-related adds.
Both choices are fine though, and you, Haroon, can choose whichever you prefer.