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In Desperate Housewives Season 1, Lynette was in a gym for a yoga meditation class with her kids. She talked to the woman behind the desk, Lauren:Lynette: "We're here! Woo! Ten minutes early! Sign me up?"
Lauren: "You just missed the rush, sorry."

What does the "rush" mean? I've looked it up in dictionaries, but I think none of them is appropriate.
1.the act or condition of rushing
2.a sudden surge towards someone or something: a gold rush
3.a sudden surge of sensation, esp produced by a drug
4.a sudden demand

Thanks in advance!
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    Not really, it works here as a response the the woman's idea that she is early, whereas in fact she is late compared to the others.

    They would not say it at my gym as a way of telling you a class was full!
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