Missing my cousin and his kids!


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Samoan and New Zealand
Hey everybody!
I was just wondering if anyone could help me translate this into japanese. It's a message to my cousin who i miss very dearly.

"Hey Janene!Sorry I couldn't write earlier. I've been a bit busy! I hope the kids are great and that they're not giving you too much grief! But I just want to say that we all miss you very much! What have you guys been doing in your spare time? Well I'd best be going now, keep safe and give my love to Rene and the kids!"

thanks for any help!
  • Here is my attempt at, well..., something presentable...



    I thought Rene was like French René, then the transliteration into katakana would be different from レニー, right? But if her cousin is Japanese, why would he/she have a French name? :confused: