missing, <relationship wise>


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Could you tell me the meaning of the expression?
Maybe "in order to relationship was(were?) wise/ good"?


"Think about your single days. Now think about your old relationships with exes. Are you happier now than you ever were in the past?

Or do you feel like something is still missing, relationship wise? Do you have doubts about whether you’d feel more fulfilled if you were with someone else — or if you were single and free?."

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  • london calling

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    No, it means as regards your relationship. I'd hyphenate it.

    WRF Dictionary:

    -wise, suffix.
    • -wise is also used to form adverbs with the meaning "with reference to'': Timewise we can finish the work, but qualitywise, I'm not so sure.


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    london calling, thanks a lot for a quick reply! :)

    "do you feel like something is still missing, relationship wise" means
    something is missing in a relationship, right?


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    Is something missing in your life, very specifically, do you feel like something is missing in your relationship with your significant other?
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