1. nycjulien Member

    Hello everyone,

    I find difficult translating in french the term "missy apparel" (see complete sentence below)

    "the firm offers a wide range of value and quality driven merchandise categories, including missy apparel"

    Could we understand it's apparel for young girls more than for older women?


  2. annabananasplitx Senior Member

    Upstate NY, USA
    US, English
    Je connait pas "misst apparel"... est-ce que c'est possible que c'est possible que c'est "Misses" et pas "missy"? "misses" est les vetements normales.
    Ah, désolée... j'ai trouvé sur google: "Missy" est un mot plus court pour "Misses"
  3. lpfr Senior Member

    Paris, France
    France, french
    Oui, c'est comme cela que je l'entends.
  4. nycjulien Member

    à moins que quelqu'un d'autre ne me dise le contraire, je ne vois pas ce que ça pourrait avoir comme autre sens.
  5. rosieg Senior Member

    Beirut, Lebanon
    England, English
    The term "missy apparel" is correct. Here is a definition of the category of clothes it refers to:
    "Missy collections use less expensive fabrics and the silhouettes are not as tailored as contemporary or bridge lines. The style is mostly conservative and includes collections from Jones New York, Liz Claiborne, Koret and Anne Klein."
  6. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

    French - France, ♀
    I understand nycjulien's confusion -- I also thought that a missy's a young girl. I would find it difficult to know where I should shop. ;)
    It's also a little confusing that "Woman" would mean "grandes tailles" whatever the age of the customer.

    So in French it would be "collection madame", "vêtements pour femmes"?
  7. nycjulien Member

    thanks rosieg!
    To what I saw looking at some websites such as liz clairbone and anne klein, it looks like not fashion clothing for women.
    I'm wondering who would buy that coz it's not even good quality products with relative high price!

    In french, I would say vêtements milieu (voire bas) de gamme classique.

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